March 5th: ElevateOCR Winter EPIC Adventure Race - 3HR 6HR 12HR


The new EPIC Adventure Race is a mix of competition, teamwork, strategy and endurance - with an aim to unlock the stronger versions locked inside all of us.

Entry is $36.00, regardless of duration, and benefits the E360 Foundation in its mission to provide free obstacle race entries to disabled athletes.

**Please note 3HR/6HR/12HR choice in the "Message" field. Participants can also upgrade their duration at the event.


Date: March 5th at 11am (Please arrive between 10:30am - 10:45am)
Venue: Burgess Meredith Park - Pomona NY

The first 3HR module will be mostly teamwork competition, the second 3HR module will be a mix of teamwork and individual effort to earn team points, the final 6HR module will be mostly individual effort to earn team points. Strategy, communication and effort will all be equally needed to win this event!

Supply List:
Sturdy backpack
10lb (female) and 20lb (male) weighted item in pack
Two 5 gallon buckets (Home Depot, Lowes, or similar)
20ft or more rope (Parracord 550 or similar)
Two playing cards (any cards from a standard 52 card deck)
Duck Tape
Carabiners (however many you’d like)
Black Sharpie
Headlamp (only for 12hr participants)
Dry bag (two large ziplocks will due)
One $5 bill
Hydration (water bottles or hydration pack)
Nutrition (whatever you think you’ll need)

Suggested Clothing:
Base layer underwear (something synthetic)
Quick dry or Athletic socks (extra pair in the pack is a good idea)
1-2 layers of clothing for warmth (no cotton)
Outer weatherproof layer
Hiking boots or athletic shoes
Gloves (thin liners and/or heavy gloves)
Hat (bonus points for most creative or unique)
Extra clothes in your car for after the event

Questions? Shoot them to us on the event page discussion.

Group Facebook Event Page Link:

Event FAQ:

How much of the event is team-based vs individual effort?

Similar to a Spartan Hurricane Heat, there will be opportunities for both teamwork and individual performance. Ultimately, each participant will be on a team competing against other teams to complete objectives during the event.

A wide-range of skill sets will be necessary to succeed, allowing teams to decide how to utilize their best athletes, leaders, problem solvers, strategists, communicators, etc. to achieve their objectives.

I've never done an endurance event or adventure race, should I sign up?

Yes of course :). EPIC events are designed so that every participant, regardless of experience or skill can contribute and complete the event in a meaningful way. The endurance and adventure race community is famously known for being supportive and inclusive of every participant.

Those unsure of what to expect can signup for the 3HR event and will have an option to continue on for the 6HR or 12HR if they choose to.

What are EPIC events and who is responsible for organizing them?

EPIC events were created in 2019 by ElevateOCR and Clay Speakman (Spartan Coach & Endurance Krypteia, Death Race finisher and 2-time Spartan Agoge finisher) as an entry point to more difficult endurance events. The typical event staff for EPIC events includes volunteers that have completed some of the hardest endurance events in the world and are looking to help others along in their journey.

The March 5th Winter EPIC will be the 5th event in the series.

Will there be swag, medals, patches, prizes, etc.?

Yes, you will earn things for your good work. To know what we mean, you'll need to show up :)

If I have more questions, is it ok to ask them?

Yes, this a question friendly event. Feel free to send your questions to or post them on the group Facebook page.

What if I can't attend the event but want to support the E360 Foundation?

You may send a donation directly to the foundation that will provide disabled athletes and their support teams with free entries to obstacle races such as Obstacle Wonderland in Wallkill NY, Spartan races across the US and other leading races. Please send your donation at this address:

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